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Wenzhou EAA Electric Co.,Ltd(subsidiary of Snda Industry Co., Limited) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic automatic control products essential to automated industrial equipment, process control systems and valve automation applications. An ISO-9001/2000 registered quality system assures tightly controlled specifications and processes, resulting in dependable pneumatic controls. 

The company has an excellent reputation for high performance, quality products and reasonable price. These products include current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers, voltage-to-pressure (E/P)transducers, pneumatic-to-current (P/I) transducers, precision air pressure regulators,electro-pneumatic positioner,filter regulators, volume boosters, motorized regulators.  

We distinguishes itself from competitors in the unique ability to adapt its products to customer-specific applications through joint development projects and strategic design partnerships. 

To remain a technological leader in the Automation Instrunment Industry in Asia, We strives for excellence through quality assurance programs and investment in advanced machine tooling. We continuously improve our production and inventory management equipment and techniques, as well as our just-in-time manufacturing and delivery capabilities. Our computer tracking of inventory, production, and customer orders gives us the versatility and flexibility to quickly respond to our customers’ needs. 

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