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MQR Low torque rotary joint
The low torque, metal seal, rotary joint series MQR makes it possible to supply air to rotating and sliding components. Rotational torque is unaffected by supply pressure and temperature fluctuations. The use of metal seals prevents the spool from sticking to the rotating surface even after a long period of non- operation. Piping ports are aligned in a spiral line for easy piping.
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VT307 Direct Operated Poppet Valve
Series VT 3 port, direct operated poppet valves are compact in size, yet provide large flow capacity, and low power consumption. The series is suitable for use in vacuum applications. The VT valve is a single valve with 6 functions (universal porting type) such as N.C. valve, N.O. valve, divider valve, selector valve, etc. The manifold style valve, series VO, can be easily converted from N.C. (normally closed) to N.O. (normally open) by merely turning over the switch cover.
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VBA Booster Regulator
The specialty regulator series VBA is a booster regulator that saves money and energy by increasing the main line pressure up to two times. The booster regulator, when connected to air supply line, increases pressure up to two times and the main air supply pressure may be set low. Desired pressure increase can be easily adjusted.
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VBAT-X104 Air Tank
The VBAT series tanks are designed to directly mate with VBA boosters to add a reservoir of higher pressure air to the system. With such a reservoir of high pressure air, the booster is able to charge the system during periods of low demand. Available in carbon or stainless steel, the tanks are available in four sizes from 5 to 38 liters in capacity. Models are available to meet various regional pressure vessel regulations.
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