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Our advantage-OEM

Our factory advantage

1. We support OEM, ODM service and customized logo for customers, such as support developing new designed shape module for customer,if customers need carton customization, we can also provide solutions.

2. The delivery time is relatively flexible, usually 2-3 days for regular quantity products, 7-10 days for large quantity.

3. When customers request real product pictures or testing instruments, we can directly take pictures and videos for customers in the sample room or warehouse, so that customers can more easily generate trust and promote ordering.

4. During Chinese Spring Festival or other Holiday time,we still have sales inline to accept the order and reply inquiry on time.

Product Highlights

1. Appearance color

Product colors are divided into different colors,which can be painted in different colors according to different customer requirements.

2. Regular products will have a small amount of inventory or a certain number of accessories. It is convenient for small customers to purchase directly, and the delivery time is shortened.

3. In order to facilitate customer purchases, in addition to our main products, we also provide related supporting products such as limit switches, pneumatic valve actuators, pilot valve etc.

4. After-sales service: The warranty is 18 months. Customers only need to provide photos or videos, and we can replace the products, usually at the same time as the customer's next order. We just replace it directly without repairing it. If the goods are missed, in the case of urgent use by the customer, we will arrange the goods to be re-sent in the fastest time.

Customer attributes

Our current customers are divided into local distributors, EPC engineering customers, retail store customers, online store customers, self-use, trading company-type customers.

Among them, distributors and EPC engineering customers are our important customers.

Dealers: Divided into non-exclusive dealers and exclusive agents.

Exclusive agent, our factory will no longer accept orders, and all customer resources are given to exclusive agents.

EPC engineering customers: customers who do engineering projects, the quantity is large.


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